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What is a Thought Of U greeting card ?
A multifold card that can accommodate upto 32 wishes from friends, families and wellwishers. A beautiful, tailormade card, printed and door delivered.
The size of Thought Of U card varies from 8.75 x 11.5 inches to 8.75 x 92 inches depending on the number of participants.
1. Pick a Group card from various Occasions
2. Invite friends & family to participate in the card
3. We print & deliver to your loved ones
$1 per participant
Two participants
You send a card $ 1
You invite a friend $ 1
POSTAGE $ 0.49
Total Cost $ 2.49
Five participants
You send a card $ 1
You invite 4 friends $ 4
POSTAGE $ 0.49
Total Cost $ 5.49
Two payment modes
Dutch mode
Each participant pay $1
Initiator pay $1 + postage
Full Payment mode
Initiator pay
the full amount

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